Join in Bigbury Net Zero to keep informed about initiatives planned and resources available to help Bigbury reach Net Zero by 2030. 

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Businesses, organisations, clubs and all households in Bigbury invited to
join in the discussions and
help our parish achieve NET ZERO

Step 1:  Measure your Carbon Footprint 

Step 2: Join Bigbury Net Zero

Step 3: Sign Up for Carbon Ambassador Training

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Bigbury Net Zero - Achievements
Every 6 months, The Carbon Savvy team will collate the carbon footprints sent in from Bigbury postcodes and the BIGBURY FOOTPRINT will be published in Bigbury News.  Individual's carbon footprints will remain confidential - only the 'average' footprint will be published. 

If you have a question or some information/ideas to share, please contact the Bigbury News Editor